Registration help

I. In which cases do I need to get a registration in the e-archives systems and how can I get one?

Hungarian Digital Archives (HDA), as well as the on-line research catalogues of the National Archives of Hungary (NAH) and Budapest City Archives (BCA) require no obligatory registration for their use.

Without registration it is possible to

- use the website

- download forms

- make enquiries sent to public e-mail addresses ([cím1], [cím2])

- submit search requests on the website to:

- the Federated Search system of the e-archives databases

- the search system of the born digital and digitised documents (Online Research of Digital Records)

- the online research catalogues of the individual institutions

- other online archival databases (AdatbázisokOnline, IratokOnline, Hungarian Archival Portal).

However, if you wish to research paper-based documents or digitised / born digital documents not yet published in the digital archives or order reproductions thereof, you need to be registered in the Research Catalogue run by NAH or BCA. Since the two systems, working within the Digital Archives framework are independent of one another, if you wish to use both, you need to get two separate registrations.

The registration process can be carried out in person or online. Online registration is accessible from various websites. You can access the widest scope of services if you register on HDA [regisztrációs felület], but it is possible to register immediately in the specific systems of each separate institution [MNL ScopeQuery] [BFL ScopeQuery].

Please note that before you are allowed to carry out research in the archives, you are required to submit a Researcher Registration Form [MNL online-űrlap] or [BFL online-űrlap] to the appropriate archives and prove your identity. The latter is possible by personally presenting an ID document or using your Client Gate ID.

If you wish to research documents containing personal data protected as per the pertinent legislation [levéltári törvény] or under research limitation for any other reason, you are required to justify your access rights [documents] regardless your completed online registration.

II. Why is it worth to register in Hungarian Digital Archives?

Registration gives users access to the special services offered by HDA. If you already have a Client Gate ID, which you give as part of the registration process, you are not required to prove your identity again.

Services accessible only to users registered in HDA:

  1. Researchers' registration forms can be submitted online and can likewise be prolonged after their expiry.
  2. Research orders can be submitted directly from the result datasets of the online search systems
  3. Users registered in the archives can order reproductions or digitised or born digital but online unpublished documents to be downloaded to their storage space created at the site or already existent as part of their Client Gate registration, which they can then view by remote access. (This service is not entirely free of charge.) Authorised users can also order e-documents containing protected data, which will be downloaded to their internal storage space accessible only in the research room of the archives or to their Client Gate storage space.
  4. Search specifications given on the interfaces of the Federated Search and Online Research of Digital Records systems can be saved and re-run.
  5. The lists of researcher registration forms and research, enquiries service and reproduction orders can be searched and printed.

III. Why is it useful to have a Client Gate registration?

Users having a Client Gate ID and using this in the registration process for the HDA are considered to have proven their identity and thus they get all permits granted to users registered in the archives without actually having to appear personally at the Archives' research room or Enquiries Service desk.

Those wishing to research documents containing protected personal data or under research limitations for any other reason, the required Researcher's Statement and Statement of Institutional Support still have to be presented in written form (personally or by mail) to the archives. However, having a Client Gate storage space is still an advantage because it is the only way to get online access to documents containing protected data.