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Welcome to Hungarian Digital Archives.

Hungarian Digital Archives serves the purpose of making accessible the digitised and born digital documents stored by the National Archives of Hungary and the Budapest City Archives, while providing help to the research of paper-based documents thanks to its digital research catalogues and aids.

In the period following the initial launch of the system operational errors may occur. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Under News you will find up-to-date information concerning archival research and the events organised by or at the Archives (exhibitions, book launchings and conferences).

Under Search and enquiries you will find the online search systems of the two institutions and the Federated Search system, which will run searches in both of these at the same time. It makes orientation possible in the online research catalogues and aids of both HDA and BCA at the same time, as well as the direct search of document-level descriptions and the digitised/born digital documents attached to these in some cases.

Under Services you will find online services to archival researchers and clients – these in most cases require preliminary online registration. Registered users can, among other things, submit questions and forms to the enquiries service of the respective institution, get registered in the archives, order documents and reproductions online. It is also possible to follow a research project (making queries of the submitted orders and requests) and to order documents and do research online (downloading digitised/born digital documents to a storage space).

The information under Records Management is primarily addressed to the institutions managing and keeping e-documents or required to submit documents for archival preservation. It contains the pertaining legislation, the compulsory or potential standards and other requirements for submitting e-documents to archives (procedure protocols).

Please note that you can find a wide range of useful additional information concerning the use of archival search systems, the process of database building and the digitisation of documents on the homepages of the National Archives of Hungary and the Budapest City Archives.

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Please register if you wish to pass researcher request or a customer search!

If you wish to take advantage of the services of the portal maintained for researchers, you have to make your portal registration even if you have previously enrolled in the archives or registered in the reading room. (Please, in this case use the same e-mail address and password as before!)

When you register, you can also use client ID of the „ugyfelkapu" government portal.

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